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Osiris Systems online data backup system.

Secure online hosted data backup solutions:

Osiris Systems are pleased to announce our new hosted online data backup solution. The Osiris online backup solution is a comprehensive hosted data protection system, offering an easy to use and reliable backup solution to safeguard your important business and personal data ensuring it is readily available when needed. The data backup is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on a secure hosted online backup server. Osiris online backup solution helps ensure business continuity in every event when struck by fire, natural disasters etc., not just hardware failure; by keeping your data backups off-site. The online backup software provides peace of mind that data backups are not forgotten and are hassle free because it is fully automated.  Once the backup program has been installed, and your backup schedules have been configured, the backup is carried out automatically, without further human intervention. The backup server keeps you updated about your backups by e-mailing you every time it completes a scheduled backup, or if there are any problems with a backup you will also be alerted by email enabling you to monitor your backup procedure. In the event that you need to restore your backup set, the system allows you to restore your backup files from anywhere at any time to another system, provided you know the username, password and encryption key for your data backup sets.

Why use Osiris online data backup?

With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails all being stored in a digital format nowadays, it has become increasingly important for all businesses to backup their business data, because, in the event of a hardware failure, fire, theft or other potential disaster, restoring data from the backup is a much cheaper operation than rebuilding from scratch. For many small businesses, performing a reliable secure backup that is easily restored when needed, looks to be simple; but in reality it is often error prone, more often than not because of human error, be it that a member of staff has failed to follow the correct procedure, replace media, or simply check that the backup is actually working.

Key benefits when using Osiris online data backup solutions for small businesses:

Secure and reliable:

Unlike conventional backup methods, your critical data is 256-bit encrypted, compressed, and then uploaded to a remote server via Secure Sockets Layer

(SSL) with enhanced security.

Everything runs automatically with no human intervention required. This eliminates all possibilities of negligence induced problems. This robust design guarantees an extremely high rate of successful restoration.

UK based servers and support:

All of our backup services are based in UK data centres, and we have access to UK based server support teams.

Flexible payment model:

Our custom designed packages are specially designed to suit the budget of small and medium sized businesses.

A one-off set-up and license fee of £21 +VAT is chargeable for each initial setup and configuration. The one-off fee for the licenses also includes logging in to the end user’s server/workstation remotely (if required by the end user), activating the backup account, downloading, installing and configuring the backup utility, and the software license for the online backup software.

Storage quotas and pricing options.

We currently offer a variety of storage options for small business users from 10Gb to 2Tb and can offer additional feature-sets for backing up specific database instances etc. which may incur additional costs. We can offer both annual pricing for smaller quotas, and monthly 30-day contract pricing for larger quotas. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the Osiris online data backup solution, please e-mail or call us, we will provide you with all the current literature and pricing options, and would be happy to discuss the options best suited to your own business needs. E-mail your request for the latest backup storage plans to: sales@osirissystems.co.uk Or call 01273 812 813 to discuss your needs in person.
Osiris Systems: Online data backup.
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