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Osiris FMS - Funeral Management Software
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Osiris FMS - Funeral Management System: Modular pricing.

Modular licensing price structure for Osiris FMS 5 and optional Osiris Arrivals module:

Single User: Multi-seat

The software can be installed on multiple computers, but can only be accessed by one user at a time.  Useful in a very small environment where perhaps one person is responsible for all the day-to-day running of the business and data entry, but occasionally another person may require access to check financial information etc.

Osiris FMS License cost: £420 +VAT   -   Osiris Arrivals module (optional):  £65 +VAT

Cost includes first year support and updates service. Thereafter support is charged at a flat rate of £180 +VAT per annum, plus an additional £16.25 +VAT per annum with optional Osiris Arrivals module.

Multi-user: File server

The software can be installed on multiple computers. A license is required for each concurrent user. (i.e. With a two-user license, you may install it on as many computers as you wish, but only two users may be logged in simultaneously). The data is stored on a central server, and accessed across the network using the file sharing facilities in the operating system.

License cost multi-user file server edition:  £1,200 +VAT  includes first user license*.

Cost per additional user:  £200 +VAT   -   Osiris Arrivals module (optional):  £65 +VAT per additional user

Cost includes first year support and updates service. Thereafter support is charged at 25% of the total license value per annum, for both the Osiris, and if selected, optional Osiris Arrivals module. * First user license is included for a standard client server, or peer to peer network for user administration and support on the server, in a multi-branch terminal server/remote desktop user environment then an additional license charge would be applicable for remote access as the system counts concurrent connections to the data set.

Client - Server Database server module, annual license and support (optional).

The client-server database module is provided in addition to the multi-user file server license.  The data is served to the users via a database server process installed on your central server. This increases performance and reduces network traffic. Suitable for high-volume companies and those with more than five users.

Annual license cost and support for database server edition:  £400 +VAT  per annum

This is in addition to annual support fees for file server and appropriate number of user licenses.

Osiris FMS support, update and maintenance contracts - after your first year of use:

Osiris Funeral Management System (Osiris FMS) telephone and remote assistance support contracts are available for renewal on an annual basis. The first year's technical support is included in the cost of the initial license.

For single user systems:

To qualify for full ongoing support services your PC system(s) must have broadband Internet access, and an up-to-date version of Microsoft Internet

Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser installed to be able to access our live web-based help-desk service.  For single users we

can provide support via our web based help-desk. More details about both of these services can be found on the FAQ page.

For multi user server based systems:

To qualify for on-going support services for the network version we require a means of remotely accessing the server system via the Internet, through either Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), or preferably via LogMeIn Pro software installed on the Microsoft Windows Server. Clients who continue to register for support will be entitled to free upgrades and updates as and when they become available. You do not have to renew your support contract it is entirely optional.  However if you encounter a problem with Osiris FMS, and do not have a support contract you may be charged on a 'per incident' basis, which generally works out less cost-effective.  If a support contract is allowed to lapse by the end user, then additional administrative costs and payment for the lapsed contract period may be required to reinstate the contract and provide support, as the user may have fallen behind on program versions and automated updates.

T:  01273 812 813 -  For all general sales or support queries for computers, notebooks, servers etc.

T:  01273 251 057 -  Support specifically for Osiris FMS Funeral Management Software or bespoke software.

E: support@osirissystems.co.uk

T. 01273 812 813 info@osirissystems.co.uk
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